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Jun 2, - Dinosaurier bastelidee fr kinder bastel und arbeitsbltter fr vorschule kleinkind und kindergarten source by burcubenli09 basteln fr kinder vorschule. Are Toni & Cheryl "Riverdale's" Next Great Couple? "Riverdale" star Vanessa Morgan teases the "sexiest episode yet" of the CW drama. Dinosaurier Bastelidee Fr Kinder. Toni Topaz | Riverdale Wiki | FANDOM unterstützt von Wikia - #fandom #riverdale #Toni #topaz #unterstutzt #von #Wiki.

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Riverdale ist eine US-amerikanische TV-Serie. Die Serie wurde von Greg Berlanti und Roberto. Are Toni & Cheryl "Riverdale's" Next Great Couple? "Riverdale" star Vanessa Morgan teases the "sexiest episode yet" of the CW drama. Dinosaurier Bastelidee Fr Kinder. Toni Topaz | Riverdale Wiki | FANDOM unterstützt von Wikia - #fandom #riverdale #Toni #topaz #unterstutzt #von #Wiki #wikia.

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15 rows · A Riverdale egy amerikai televíziós tinidráma sorozat, melynek az alapja az Archie . Riverdejl (engl. Riverdale) je američka televizijska serija bazirana na likovima iz Arči komiksa, koja se emituje na CV kanalu. U početku, serija je trebalo da bude film koji bi napravio Vorner bros, i kasnije je ideja bila zamišljena kao televizijska serija za Foks. godine serija je bila premeštena na CV, gde je prva epizoda bila naručena. Greg Smith. Archived from the original on May 4, Clifford's twin brother Claudius returns. Bernadette Beck. Archived from the original on March 17, People's Choice Awards Finalists Set — Voting Open Through Oct. After Smithers points Jughead to Shankshaw Prison, F. By SeptemberAguirre-Sacasa was preparing another spin-off series based on an Archie Comics property. Main article: Andreas Bethmann Adventures of Sabrina TV series. Produktions- unternehmen. Seit dem tragischen Tod des Highschool-Schülers Jason Blossom ist in der Kleinstadt Riverdale nichts mehr wie vorher. Betty Cooper will ihrem alten Freund​. Riverdale ist eine US-amerikanische TV-Serie. Die Serie wurde von Greg Berlanti und Roberto. Riverdale ist eine US-amerikanische Fernsehserie, die auf den gleichnamigen Figuren der Archie Comics basiert und auf The CW erstausgestrahlt wird. Riverdale steht für: Riverdale (Fernsehserie), eine US-amerikanische Fernsehserie; fiktiver Handlungsort in der bekanntesten Serie der Archie Comics. Riverdale is an American teen drama television series based on the characters of Archie series was adapted for The CW by Archie Comics' chief creative officer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, and is produced by Warner Bros. Television and CBS Television Studios, in association with Berlanti Productions and Archie Comics. Synopsis The fourth season of RIVERDALE began with a funeral and tribute to Archie ’s late father, the beloved Fred Andrews (Luke Perry). Throughout the season, Archie (KJ Apa) tried to live up to his father’s memory by mentoring youths at his Community Center with the help of his pals Reggie (Charles Melton) and Munroe Moore. Elizabeth "Betty" Cooper is a main character on The CW's Riverdale. She is portrayed by Lili Reinhart. Betty is a student at Riverdale High School and longtime best friend of Archie Andrews, Jughead Jones, Kevin Keller and Veronica Lodge. She is also a former River Vixen as well as an editor for the Register, with her mother. Betty is the youngest sibling to her sister, Polly and older half. Riverdale is a residential neighborhood in the northwest portion of the New York City borough of the profitmagazine-digital.comale, which has a population of 47, as of the United States Census, contains the northernmost point in New York City. Riverdale is a television series on The CW, based on characters from the Archie Comics. On January 29, , it was announced that a pilot had officially been ordered, and on May 12, , it was announced that it had been picked up by the network. It premiered on Thursday, January 26, , at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

Skeet Ulrich interpreta FP Jones. Mark Consuelos interpreta Hiram Lodge. Vanessa Morgan interpreta Toni Topaz. URL consultato il 10 agosto archiviato dall' url originale il 3 novembre URL consultato il 14 agosto URL consultato il 6 marzo URL consultato il 13 marzo And Mary Andrews pic.

URL consultato il 22 maggio URL consultato il 29 gennaio URL consultato il 7 gennaio From the early days. With Luke in the middle.

Our heart, always. It is dedicated to Luke, as all episodes will be for the rest of our run. URL consultato l'8 marzo URL consultato il 30 gennaio URL consultato il 19 giugno URL consultato il 19 giugno archiviato dall' url originale il 15 maggio URL consultato il 23 settembre URL consultato il 2 dicembre URL consultato il 5 gennaio URL consultato il 10 luglio URL consultato il 2 luglio On the eve of Halloween, Riverdale families receive videotapes of their houses being watched.

As Halloween approaches, Cheryl and Toni re-bury Jason's body, but Cheryl is worried that Jason's ghost will now haunt Thistlehouse.

After a seance in the Blossom chapel, Nana Rose reveals that Cheryl was supposed to have a second brother named Julian, but she absorbed him before birth.

Meanwhile, at Stonewall Prep, Jughead's classmates haze him and lock him inside a coffin in Mr. Chipping's office for Halloween night.

Elsewhere, Archie and Munroe throw a Halloween party for the kids of the community in order to keep Dodger away, but the party ends in Dodger shooting one of the kids who attended the party.

Veronica wards off an escaped patient from Shady Grove, as he poses as another man and tries to murder her. Betty and Jellybean, while home alone, receive phone calls by someone claiming to be the Black Hood.

When Charles tracks the phone calls, Betty learns that they are coming from Polly. Later, it's revealed Charles is secretly listening to Betty's calls.

An ominous closing flash-forward shows F. The trials of Hermione and Hiram begin, and Veronica is working hardest on proving her mother's innocence.

When some revelations come to the surface, Veronica is forced to have her mother plead guilty to her crimes and bribe the governor to pardon her.

Veronica meets her sister, Hermosa, who has helped Hiram get released—-much to her dismay. At Hiram's release, he says he will be running for mayor.

Meanwhile, Archie and Munroe continue to ward off Dodger from the community center. Elsewhere, Betty and Kevin join the Junior FBI Training Program where Betty is incredibly successful.

Betty is also haunted by her past when it is confirmed that she has the "serial killer genes". Jughead, while at Stonewall Prep, learns more about the Baxter Brothers novels that he loved when he was a kid, and enters a contest to become the next ghost writer for the series.

A flash forward reveals Archie, Veronica, and Betty being arrested in biology class for the murder of Jughead. Archie continues to get kids off the streets, despite Dodger's threats.

With Veronica's parents out of jail, she wants nothing to do with Hermosa and Hiram. Hiram and Hermione sleep together, leading them to renew their vows, which Veronica is reluctant to attend.

Jughead finds proof that his grandfather wrote the first Baxter Brothers Book, which the original writer denies. After asking for Mr.

Chipping's help with the investigation, Mr. Chipping apologizes to Jughead and dives out of a window in his office.

Cheryl and Toni try to expel Julian's spirit from Thistlehouse with an interruption from Cheryl's Aunt Cricket and Uncle Bedford who want her to sign away the family business.

Later, Uncle Bedford gains access to the chapel to find Jason's body, and declares Cheryl sick and pins her against the wall. Toni then kills him with a candlestick.

Betty deals with proving Charles's trust to her family. She visits Chic, and Chic lies and tells her that Charles killed someone.

Chic tells the authorities that Alice murdered a man, leading F. Charles visits Chic, and it becomes clear that they are lovers and are working on the demise of the Cooper family.

Betty and Jughead look into Mr. Chipping's death while staying on Stonewall Prep's campus during an ice storm. With Thanksgiving on the way, Archie and Veronica make plans to host a Thanksgiving dinner at the community center, which Hiram derails as the new mayor of Riverdale.

While preparing for the Thanksgiving dinner, Dodger's family preys on the community center to kill Archie for revenge, believing that he had hurt Dodger.

Things escalate quickly, but just as Archie is about to be killed, an explosion occurs with one of the dishes, prompting Mary to order them to leave.

Alice and F. While Cheryl and Toni are trying to cover up Bedford's murder, Cheryl's Aunt Cricket will not stop stalking them. They invite her over to dinner and lead her to believe that the meat she is eating is Bedford's body, when really it was just a distraction so they could dump Bedford's body in Sweetwater River before it froze over.

Archie dedicates the community center to Fred's legacy while the town watches. More videotapes appear at Riverdale doorsteps. Betty learns that she does not get into Yale and Alice claims it is because of her sexual activity.

After a session with Ms. Burble, the guidance counselor, Betty and her mother argue and Alice reveals that Betty is her favorite child.

Archie and Ms. Burble discuss Archie's business as a vigilante, and she urges him to take discretion.

Archie then decides to move out, so his mother is no longer in danger. Cheryl loses the leadership of the Vixens due to her delicate mental state.

After meeting with Ms. Burble, they discuss how Cheryl can find better outlets to deal with her trauma and that Julian's ghost has not truly been haunting Thistle House.

Veronica receives an acceptance to Harvard but learns that Hiram had influence in the acceptance. Burble advises her to no longer associate with Hiram.

Jughead is advised to receive recommendations from Riverdale staff to better supplement his applications. Betty and Jughead deduce the murders disguised as suicides that happened to members of the secret society that Mr.

Chipping was a part of. A flashforward shows Archie, Betty, and Veronica being taken into custody at the police station for Jughead's murder.

After receiving a phone call, Polly attacks a Shady Grove nurse. Alice attempts to stab Betty with a knife, also after receiving a phone call.

Betty learns that Evelyn had been making calls using a trigger word to initiate attacks on Dark Betty. FP is shot by Dodger at Pop's, and Archie fights Dodger in an alley, despite the family being in the process of fleeing.

Archie then meets his uncle. Veronica invites her Abuelita to town to tell her how her father's been treating her and to get the family rum recipe, although Hiram claims to have patented it.

Jughead is awarded the Baxter Brothers contract, which causes him to track down his grandfather. His grandfather tells him that Dupont legally took over writing the book after he left Stonewall Prep.

Jughead goes back later to find that his grandfather is gone. Cheryl lures Penelope out of the walls of Thistlehouse where she has been staying.

She then banishes Penelope to Dilton's bunker and decides to give Jason a final farewell by way of a Norse funeral on Sweetwater River.

A flash forward is then shown indicating that Betty had killed Jughead with a rock. The Riverdale Bulldogs make it to the state finals against the Stonewall Stallions, who have been reported to play unfairly.

Betty attempts to find the truth. The Vixens receive a new cheer coach Mrs. Appleyard, much to Cheryl's dismay. Veronica continues to pursue her rum-making endeavors until her father comes after her for copying his recipe.

Tension builds up between Riverdale High and Stonewall Prep before game day, as after Munroe is attacked outside the community center, Archie and the Bulldogs get into a fight with Stonewall's team.

On game day, Frank gives Munroe drugs so that he can play and Cheryl locks Appleyard in a classroom so she can have the squad to herself. The Stonewall Stallions won, prompting Betty to form a quiz team so that Riverdale High still has a chance to get an edge over Stonewall Prep in something.

Jughead is accepted to Yale and a flash-forward shows Betty packing up Jughead's dorm room with Bret telling her that she "got what she wanted.

Ted Sullivan. Betty, Veronica, Cheryl, and Toni win in the Quiz Show semifinals and earn a spot in the finals against Stonewall Prep. Jughead and Bret tell Betty that they got into Yale, and Betty learns out that Bret's father bought his way in.

Cheryl and Veronica turn the speakeasy into a club in to cover up serving rum. Hiram finds them and they must relocate. Cheryl and Veronica decide to set up in the Maple Club.

They make a deal with Penelope to keep watch on the Maple Club. Archie lands in hot water with Tom as Frank takes over Andrews construction and makes risky moves.

Kevin earns money by making videos where he is tickled by men. Charles tells Betty that the reason she was denied to Yale was because she was the daughter of the Black Hood.

Betty smashes Hal's gravestone. At the Quiz Finals, the Yale recruiter says Betty is in if Riverdale wins against Stonewall Prep.

Alice leaves Betty the answers, but Betty tears them up. Bret plants the evidence in Betty's room, which leads Alice to be suspended from work and Betty to be suspended from school.

A flash-forward then reveals Archie comforting Betty in a booth at Pop's as she mourns the loss of Jughead. Archie tries to make decisions about his future, which includes almost selling Andrews Construction.

Veronica struggles with Hiram's diseased state. Cheryl and Toni discover Hermosa in disguise trying to gain knowledge on Cheryl and Veronica's business.

Jughead is accused of plagiarizing the story that got him into Yale. He plans to fight these accusations until Bret informs Jughead that he must accept his punishment and leave Stonewall Prep or he will release a video of him and Betty having sex.

Bret still invites him and Betty into the woods for a party to celebrate the Ides of March. Betty invites Veronica and Archie so they can all spend some time together.

Jughead goes to the party seeking revenge on Bret, luring him into the woods. Betty follows Donna into the woods, where Donna reveals that she met with Evelyn in prison and Evelyn revealed to Donna that there is a special word that will hypnotize Betty into hurting people she loves.

Donna and Bret are then seen walking out of the woods, with Archie and Veronica stumbling upon Betty, who has bludgeoned Jughead to a death with a rock.

When arriving home late that night, they all provide different explanations to their parents. Meanwhile, Betty decides to plant a bug at Stonewall Prep to determine the events of the night Jughead died because she doesn't remember anything after her conversation with Donna in the woods.

However, it is soon found by Bret and Donna and destroyed. Back in Riverdale, Alice and F. While continuing the investigation, F.

Charles helps Betty come to terms with what happened the night of the murder. This means that the Stonewall kids murdered Jughead and planted the evidence on her.

At Stonewall Prep, F. Betty plans a funeral for Jughead and Donna, Bret, and Joan attend. Donna, believing that Jughead is alive, orders Bret to open the casket, which gets them kicked out.

Donna, believing that they are being fooled decides to dig a little deeper into the death of Jughead. At school, Cheryl creates a locker memorial for Jughead which makes Betty emotional.

She runs to the music room, followed by Archie and they kiss. Cheryl tells Veronica; who angrily confronts them in the lounge. Knowing that Donna was following her, she hid a very alive Jughead under the cot as a diversion so Bret and Donna would crack under pressure.

Jughead and Betty hold a locked room with the Stonewall kids and Mr. DuPont, explaining all. Chipping killed himself out of guilt as he orchestrated each student to commit the perfect murder.

Whoever was assigned the ghostwriter job, would write their murder. Moose was supposed to be the murdered student.

Betty and Jughead deduce that all four students had a hand in killing Jughead. Charles ordered the trio to burn their clothes and all evidence while he took Jughead in for injuries.

Betty brings in Charles, FP, and Forsythe. Forsythe has been living in hiding, trying to prove Mr. DuPont murdered his original literary circle.

Jughead was bait to lure out Forsythe so Mr. DuPont could finish the murder. DuPont kills himself to avoid jail, Joan leaves the country. Brett reveals the location of the tapes, while he faces charges.

Betty blackmails Donna into disappearing, figuring out Donna's grandmother was murdered by DuPont, making her the mastermind behind everything.

Betty starts to realize she might have feelings for Archie. FP and Forsythe begin talking. Veronica and Betty promise to tutor the guys so they can graduate together.

Residents of Riverdale receive more videotapes of their houses. Kevin wants to sing a song from the musical Hedwig and the Angry Inch at the school's variety show.

Archie and the gang decide to sing as a band; however, Principal Honey believes the show to be too inappropriate.

Hiram has been skipping his doctor appointments which leads to him collapsing. Betty tutors Jughead, who is not taking it seriously and investigating the videotapes.

Cheryl and Toni devise a plan to try to get Honey to accept the show, but he denies, threatening to ban students from senior prom. After a peaceful protest, Honey cancels the variety show.

Veronica and Archie fight over Hiram going to the gym, just as Betty and Jughead fight over him taking school seriously. Only Archie and Betty show up to rehearsal, and they end up kissing.

Later, Veronica and Jughead apologize for their blowup, as Betty and Archie look at each other nervously from their windows.

Veronica hosts the variety show at La Bonne Nuit and the Archies perform there. Watching the tapes, Jughead sees a person tied up wearing a Jughead face mask who is brutally murdered by another person in a Betty face mask.

Charles, investigating the videotapes, learns that a video store has a video of Clifford killing Jason. Kevin brings Toni, Fangs, and Reggie into the tickle videos to earn some cash; they decide to start their own website.

Afterwards, Kevin is threatened by Terry who demands a share of his profits. Betty reminisces about her relationship with Archie as a child and their long and complicated love story.

Archie is conflicted over his feelings about Betty while working on a song for her. Cheryl and Veronica's rum business is attacked by Jinx Malloy's clan, who then Hiram threatens.

In return, Hunter Malloy severely beats him. Reggie and the Bulldogs threaten Terry so they can continue making videos. After Cheryl quits the business, Veronica partners with Hiram, feeling he has changed.

However, Hiram murders Jinx, the head of the gang. Honey, a secret visitor to the store, finds out about the tickling website and demands that it be shut down.

Archie wants to act on his feelings for Betty, but she tells him she will not hurt anyone, so they decide not to.

In return, Archie plans to leave for the Naval Academy. Cheryl receives a videotape, this time with someone wearing a Clifford mask murdering someone in a Jason mask.

Mädchen Amick. When Mr. Honey threatens to cancel prom, the gang is frustrated. Jughead must write a story for the University of Iowa, so he writes a tale about the group killing Honey for ruining their senior year.

In this story, Archie, Veronica, Betty, Jughead, Reggie, and Cheryl murder Honey and later begin to give into darkness inside of them when covering up the murder.

When the school receives a suspicious tape, Honey believes there is danger and cancels prom. In Jughead's story, Reggie dies in a car accident and foul play is suspected.

Betty watches the full tape and catches a reflection of Honey in it. Filming the tape as an excuse to cancel prom, Charles and Betty have him fired and prom reinstated.

Bell tells the gang that Honey was good for the school and gives Jughead his letter of recommendation for college. Jughead, moved, changes his story so Veronica and Archie are taking Honey to the hospital and saving his life; not wanting to become evil.

Betty and Jughead are left another videotape inviting them to a cabin. They find another videotape, this time with a group of people wearing masks of the gang who stab Mr.

Honey to death. Betty and Jughead ask Charles to investigate the tape and Bret leads them to secret red band screenings led by the Blue Velvet owner, David.

Betty and Kevin deliver a homemade snuff film to gain her ticket to the screening. David spots it as a fake and Betty must give him the snuff film of her father as a child.

KO Kelly comes to town to go up against Archie in a boxing match for one of them to be admitted into the Naval Academy; but Archie loses. Toni tells Cheryl amid their prom queen campaign that her nana is not accepting of her dating a Blossom.

Betty sneaks Jughead in the rave. They find several snuff films being shown containing the gang and Jellybean in attendance.

During prom, a livestream of the masked gang is played killing a masked owl at the video store, later revealed to be David.

Archie returns home to find a videotape that shows a recreation of his encounter with the Black Hood. Archie wrestles with emotions after he watches the videotape and is told by Mary that George Augustine and his son are asking Archie to write a letter to negotiate for a lesser sentence for killing Fred.

Jughead and Betty discover that Bret has been murdered in prison. Cheryl attempts to persuade the Blossom Maple Board to construct a sanctuary for the Uktena tribe so that she can be with Toni, but they refuse.

Clifford Blossom, otec Cheryl a Jasona 1. Alvin Sanders. Tom McBeath. Adain Bradley. Mark Consuelos. Oscar Castillo, skladatel z New Yorku.

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April Februar , abgerufen am 1. Februar Januar , abgerufen am 8. Abgerufen am 4. In: synchronkartei. Deutsche Synchronkartei , abgerufen am Mai November Kategorien : Fernsehserie Vereinigte Staaten Fernsehserie der er Jahre Fernsehserie der er Jahre Kinder- und Jugendfernsehserie Comicverfilmung Fernsehserie The CW.

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Buch erstellen Als PDF herunterladen Druckversion. Deutscher Titel. Vereinigte Staaten. Jahr e. Produktions- unternehmen.

Berlanti Productions, CBS Television Studios , Warner Bros. Mystery , Jugendserie , Drama. Greg Berlanti , Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa.

Januar USA auf The CW. Deutschsprachige Erstveröffentlichung. Januar auf Netflix. Constantin von Jascheroff.

Anita Hopt Staffel 1—2 Alice Bauer ab Staffel 3. Magdalena Turba Staffel 1 Victoria Frenz ab Staffel 2.

Giovanna Winterfeldt Staffel 1—2 Kaya Marie Möller 2. Marios Gavrilis 2. Charles Rettinghaus Mario von Jascheroff 1. Ross Butler B.

Drew Ray Tanner. Daniel Yang. Major Curda. Alvin Sanders. Asha Bromfield.

Nach diesen Ereignissen wechselt Mitja Lafere wieder auf die Riverdale High. Credit: see original file. Rainer Gerlach. Tommy Martinez.
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Die 4 laufen Bärbel Wierichs und werden von den Serpents und den Pretty Poisons beschützt und gerettet.

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